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The Mind - Body Broadcast

Oct 15, 2019

Welcome back, Mind - Body Broadcasters!


The world of supplements can *seem* like its changing all the time.


Supplements are there to do just that -  supplement your diet.


Does nutrition change? What is “new” that we should pay attention to?


We paired these topics together as they fit together well.


Oct 8, 2019

Welcome back, Mind - Body Broadcasters!


Do methods and theories change? How often?How do you know when you should try out a new exercise? or new training?


It’s a lot to take in, and can seem like its overwhelming.


In Part 1: Austin and Marty go over the updates around training and cardio methods.

Sep 13, 2019

Welcome back, Mind - Body Body Broadcasters!

- "The diet strategy that works best is the one that you fallow".[1:45]

- Keto. [4:00]

- If it fits your macros! [8:10]

- Stress and systemic inflammation are the worst things for your health.[9:15]

- Vegetables are free on prep? [13:12]

- Volume of meals. [19:30]


Aug 2, 2019

Welcome back, Mind - Body Broadcasters


Everyone knows the guy with the huge hockey bag full of stuff that they lug around from set to machine to wherever.


Do you need gym accessories? Do you even need a gym bag?


Let’s find out:


On this episode we cover:


- Shoes, and the proper foot attire. "300 dollar shoes...

Jul 23, 2019

Welcome back, Mind - Body Broadcasters!

Here we have yet another one of out periodic Q &A’s! Some Fantastic questions on this one - here they are:


- What is a net carb? [0:48]

- Ways to remain objective when looking at your own physique during prep? [7:11]

- Fat loading for the final week before a show for someone...